How We Produce *Guilt-Free* Beef and Lamb....,

FOOD FOR THOUGHT about how we try very hard to produce our meat in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner. Our native breed Belted Galloway cattle and Oxford Down sheep graze happily on nature reserve land that typically is too wet generally unsuitable for growing any other type of food crop.

OUR CATTLE HELP FLOOD PREVENTION because at times of heavy rainfall, the River Hull Valley wetlands where they graze, store very large volumes of water, this storage helps prevent rising water levels in the adjacent River Hull; therefore lowering the risk of flooding as the River meanders towards the Hull and the Humber.

CARBON STORAGE FOR THE FUTURE as the cattle happily graze and nibble the various foliage, this encourages new plant growth that takes carbon from the air and sequesters it into the ground in the form of root and micro-organism growth. As roots and micro-organisms then die, the carbon in them is safely stored in the ground, building organic matter, enriching and feeding the soil, along with manure and urine left by the cows, and this is how our pastures and the nature reserves are continually regenerated.

A WHOLE NEW ECOSYSTEM EVERY TIME THEY TAKE A STEP! The cattle feet create small divots in the soil, encouraging a whole new ecosystem of invertebrates to become active and breed in the wet ground, hence creating a food source for many local breeding and also migrating birds passing through our farm and stopping by the nature reserves.

NEUTRALISING METHANE AS THEY GRAZE! Healthy soils and pastures are full of Methanotrophs (bacteria that digest the greenhouse gas methane), they neutralise the methane produced by the cattle before it is released to the atmosphere. Healthy soils sequester methane at rates equal to or greater than methane production by the cattle grazing them, (explained in a report by Sydney University).

REDUCING CARBON FOOTPRINT as during the tough Winter months we only feed what is grown on our farm, grass and some home-grown grain for the mums and calves. We don't use soya imported from America and therefore don't leave a big carbon footprint in transportation.

Finally the scrumptious end product of GUILT-FREE meat is sold LOCALLY to butchers and customers who love our story. If you like our story give it a try!

Belted Galloways at our Wetland Reserve
Belted Galloways Cooling off on a Hot Day!

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